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CNN interview with Fred Thompson

Leader in Technology & Innovation

Long before President Obama signed into law programs to incentivize medical practices to adapt EMR (electronic medical records), Dr. Phan has been a leader in this field and was instrumental in CBSC’s early adoption of this technology.

See the link below for Dr. Phan’s interview with Fred Thompson’s CNN segment on EHR.

Remember the days of bad hand writing on prescriptions leading to medical errors? Those days are gone at CBSC. When you come to the clinic for a visit, all you have to do is tell us what pharmacy you go to and a legible prescription will be sent directly to your pharmacy, and you can pick up your prescription without the long wait for your medication to be processed.

The same goes for labs. You can just show up the lab of your choice and have your phlebotomy done without the hassle of paper works. Afterwards, the results will be sent directly to CBSC’s computer for review before your visit.

Records will no longer be lost or misplaced. They can be made available to you with a click of a button. You won’t have to wait for a week for someone to manually copy them for you. This lowers your cost for obtaining medical records.

Using electronic medical records has many other advantages, including reducing paper waste (saving many trees), reducing energy and inks, reducing medical errors, and improving efficiency. Films and XRAYS can often be shown to patient in the office, instead of just a paper report, giving patient a better picture on the progress of their disease.

To sum up, this just means that our doctor will have more time to spend with you to improve quality of care.