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About Dr. Phan

Dr. Phan has dedicated his life to patient care since the early 1990’s. He completed his fellowship in hematology and oncology at Harbor-UCLA and City of Hope Cancer Center. At Harbor UCLA and City of Hope, he was involved with clinical trials and was trained with world leaders in the field of oncology and hematology. During that time, he also did clinical research which led to several publications. He is board certified in hematology and oncology. Before that, did his training at a rigorous county facility, at LAC-USC Medical Center, where he receives hands-on training in the toughest environment in Los Angeles. He is also board certified in internal medicine. His medical school was completed at UC Irvine College of Medicine, where he graduated among the top of his class.

Despite his accomplishments, he values the relationship and time spent with patients the most. It is the belief that patient can get better care when more time is spent with them that led to the founding of CBSC. This was accomplished by embracing technological innovation that frees up more time for physicians to spend with patient.

Outside of work, Dr. Phan enjoys spending time with his wife and son and their King Charles Cavalier dog. He has a wide variety of interests, including skiing, wood working and mountain biking. He maintains a woodworking shop. He built plantation shutters for his entire house from scratch and single-handedly installed more than 2400 sq feet of hard wood floors in his house. He is also a rigorous mountain biker. In his usual hands-on way, he has built several mountain bikes himself.


Production of a Monoclonal Antibody Against the hRRM2 Subunit of Ribonucleotide Reductase and Immunohistochemistry Study of Human Cancer Tissues. Hybridoma, 2006.




  • Quality Assurance Committee
  • Peer Review Committee
  • Co-investigator phase II Patupilone clinical trial in patient with HCC
  • Training of residents physicians in the area of hematology and oncology
  • MOASC board of director
  • Vice-chair, Department of Medicine, Community Hospital of Long Beach
  • Medical Executive Committee, Community Hospital of Long Beach



  1. Use of Erythropoietin. Beverly Hospital, East LA Doctor’s Hospital
  2. Use of Tumor Markers for Colon and Breast cancer: Pioneer Medical Group, Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine Conference
  3. Adjuvant chemotherapy for Breast cancer: City of Hope
  4. Adjuvant chemotherapy for colon cancer: City of Hope
  5. Oncology Practice after fellowship training: Harbor-UCLA
  6. Breast Cancer Overview, LB Memorial Family Medicine



  1. Amgen Research Fellow and Grant Recipient
  2. University of California Regent Scholarship
  3. American Heart Association, Guest speaker
  4. Friedberger Scholarship
  5. Chancellor’s scholarship
  6. High-school Valedictorian


Professional Membership

  • American Society of Hematology (ASH)
  • American Society of Clinical Oncologist (ASCO)
  • American College of Physician (ACP)
  • MOASC (Medical Oncology Association of Southern California)


Advisory Board

  • P4 MedTred
  • Folotyn
  • PNH Soliris



Hospital Affiliations

  1. Community Hospital of Long Beach
  2. Long Beach Memorial Medical Center
  3. Los Alamitos Medical Center
  4. St. Mary Medical Center
  5. Pacific Hospital of Long Beach
  6. Lakewood Regional Medical Center
  7. Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center



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